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Public Art in Town Centre

by Craig Martin on 14 April, 2019

Plans are being discussed to introduce a major piece of public art with the deculverting of the market place. I’ve made repeated calls for this not to happen, as I do not believe public opinion is behind such a proposal.

Residents do not generally have confidence in this project being a success overall, from past experience with the civic heart. I’ve been selling the opening up of the market as it bringing natural beauty into the centre of our town. That it is not going to be a subjective piece of art.

During the various briefings councillors had, it was suggested that the Dainty Dinah bust could find a new home in the centre. This is something that would use a current piece of artwork that says something about the town’s history. I believe this was a far better idea, which should trump the putting in place of a completely new piece of art.

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