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The Durham Miners Association Funding

by Craig Martin on 5 August, 2019

July’s Cabinet tabled a report requesting just over £1 million from Durham County Council to refurbish Redhills. This miner’s hall that hosted the Pitman’s Parliament is in major need of substantial repairs. The funding is part a bid totaling almost £7 million, with money expected to come from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

We discovered that the organisation responsible for running Redhills has it written into their constitution to support the Labour party. Legal queries were made questioning that the Council’s money should not be spent on groups that actively support a specific political party. We were deeply concerned about the bias involved in a Labour controlled Cabinet making this decision.

The funding is to be granted on the basis that a new organisation is setup to run the hall that has no structural party political bias. Worth noting that there is funding out there for local historical projects from the Council, just depends on who you are.

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