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Unfair County Plan

by Craig Martin on 29 September, 2019

Infrastructure spending per person:

North Durham £135

City of Durham £2,600

Cllr Craig Martin and the Lib Dem team cannot accept a plan that fails the needs of so many across County Durham

Councillors got their first chance to vote on Durham County Council’s new planning policy. Cllr Craig Martin and the Lib Dems believe it will unfairly distribute resources towards Durham City. Labour voted the policy through, it will now be reviewed by the independent inspector.

“The County Plan is so much more than a planning policy, its the route to how our County will economically develop. I cannot support a plan where Labour are allowed to leave Chester-le-Street behind and throw all of the resources at Durham City. It does even less for our poorest communities,” said Cllr Craig Martin.

While County Durham does not have a planning policy, it gives developers lots of freedom to do as they please. We need the legal power to hold them to account, but it needs to be fair for everyone.

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