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Craig Got It Fixed

by Craig Martin on 29 November, 2019

Craig has had a footpath rebuilt – long overdue maintenance between Park Place and Highfield Crescent

“If the Council aren’t going to repair our footpaths, I’ll use my Neighbourhood Budget for it. I was brought up in the area and I can never remember a time when this footpath was in a good condition. I’m proud to be able to use my position and provide these essential repairs for the community,” said Cllr Craig Martin.

The footpath will now be adopted by the Council, meaning they have a responsibility to maintain it. £23,000 has been spent on this project so that the long term future of this cut is protected.

It is disgraceful that this widely used footpath fell into the terrible state it did. It is a key route for many to access bus services on Newcastle Road. They will now have a much safer and smoother passage with the improved surface.

The amount of resurfacing Cllr Craig Martin can have carried out with his budget is very limited. Durham County Council charge a great deal even for short stretches. But he endeavours to do his bit where possible as the poor state of footpaths and roads is a key concern to residents.

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