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Spend Our Surplus

by Craig Martin on 14 December, 2019

Under spend of £11 million in Council’s budget
Cllr Craig Martin calls for it to be spent on community rather than swelling reserves

Figures for the Council’s end of year position for 2018 – 2019 have been released. Lib Dem Cllr Craig Martin challenged Labour to spend this money on investment suggested by Councillors from all political parties rather than put it into reserves.

“I will continue to raise this issue within the Council chamber until they start spending our money. This is the hypocrisy of the Labour run Durham County Council. They cry out for more money for those in our community that need it the most, but refuse to spend the ever increasing funds in their own bank account,” said Cllr Craig Martin.

The council suddenly “discovered” that they needed to stash £5.6 million of this surplus into the reserves at the year end, claiming they need it for potential extra costs in their vanity scheme at Aykley Heads, PFI costs, Academisation of schools, and Capital Projects.

More sensibly the remainder of the money will retained within the departments that underspent, to be used as they see fit. Meanwhile the rest of the money sits in Durham County Council’s bank accounts gaining negligible interest rates as low as 0.5%.

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