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Western Relief Road Call In

by Craig Martin on 29 December, 2019

Durham County Council’s Cabinet have put forward a funding proposal so that work can begin on building a Western Relief road around Durham City. This is a project included within the County Plan predicted to cost £35 million, it will connect A691 at Sniperley Park and Ride with B6302 Broom Lane. A colleague of mine attended the meeting to quiz officers and portfolio holders, specifically relating to how it will be funded, but did not receive appropriate responses.

Myself and number of other opposition County Councillors from different political groupings requested that this decision is brought into scrutiny for further discussion. On the basis that this is a funding approach the Council has never used before, paying for it up front and claiming the money back as section 106 funding gradually becomes available.

The call in request was rejected by the Chair of Scrutiny on the basis that this decision by cabinet is only a provisional one. I will be pushing for further open and public discussions to be had on it. As I am concerned that future changes in the law could result in the general taxpayer picking up the bill for yet another multi million pound project that helps the City.

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