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Counting the cost of failing to assist with fly-tipping enquiries

by Craig Martin on 19 February, 2020

Failing to cooperate with fly-tipping investigations has cost five people a total of £2,600.

Durham County Council took enforcement action against the three men and two women after they failed to assist neighbourhood wardens investigating the illegal disposal of waste at sites across the county.

These included an incident near Cornsay Village, where a washing machine and household waste were dumped in a layby; a large fly-tip of household waste at a small wooded area, near Chiltern Gardens in Stanley; and an assortment of domestic waste discarded at the side of a road in the Pan Lane area of Satley.

The wardens contacted the individuals after finding evidence at the scene linking them to the fly-tipping incidents. This included documents containing personal information and addressed envelopes among the rubbish, and vehicles captured on CCTV.

Four of the defendants did not attend Newton Aycliffe Magistrates Court to answer the charge of failing to assist an authorised person in the investigation of a fly-tipping incident without reasonable excuse. They also failed to contact the court before the hearing.

The fifth defendant pleaded guilty by post.

Magistrates issued fines to each defendant ranging from £40 to £220, costs ranging from £267.70 to £393.40 and a £32 victim surcharge. This amounted to £2,606.15 in total.

Ian Hoult, neighbourhood protection manager at Durham County Council, said: “By working with our partners, we have managed to reduce fly-tipping over the last decade, but it remains a key issue for our communities.

“We all have a responsibility to keep our beautiful county looking its best, which is why it’s so important people cooperate with our neighbourhood wardens when they are investigating incidents of fly-tipping.

“We hope the financial penalties handed out by the court send a clear message that those who do not comply will be hit in the pocket and left with a criminal record.”

The council works with Durham Constabulary, the Environment Agency and Crimestoppers to reduce fly-tipping in the county and educate people about the many easy methods of disposing of waste responsibly.

Operation Stop It also sees the local authority take action against those who commit environmental crimes.

For advice on responsible waste disposal or to report fly-tipping, visit

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