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Planning Application Concerns Blind Lane

by Craig Martin on 27 June, 2020

An application to renew planning permission to build a bungalow in the garden of 27 Blind Lane was received. A number of residents raised concerns resulting in myself referring this to a planning committee and speaking on it so that further scrutiny of it could take place.

The concerns raised during the meeting were:

Lack of communication with residents living within this cul de sac about this application

Parked cars blocking the turning area forcing vehicles to reverse onto the A693

Damage to trees that baffle sound coming off the A693

How the new bungalow’s design and look would not be in keeping with the unique design of the cul de sac

The committee chose to approve the application following a discussion about the points above. Ensuring that resident’s voices have been heard and that the Council are aware of our concerns.

Due to our questioning, a condition has been put on the application to protect the trees. The new bungalow must be constructed on raft or pile foundations so that the roots are not interfered with.

I’d like to thank all residents that took the time to communicate their concerns and participate in the planning process.

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