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Drainage Fix for Picktree Lodge

by Craig Martin on 7 August, 2020

Lib Dem Cllr Craig Martin delivered a fix for a water logged cut

A footpath within Picktree Lodge that regularly floods has received additional drainage. Lib Dem Cllr Craig Martin responded to resident’s complaints and encouraged Durham County Council to take action. The new measure will also hopefully prevent the cut from becoming muddy as well.

“Really glad I’ve been able to push the Council into action to help keep this footpath clear. Hopefully whatever stormy and wet weather we have in the future, this additional drainage will keep the footpath clear,” said Lib Dem Cllr Craig Martin.

The drain has been put in place with an additional length of pipe that connects to the drainage system at the centre of the field. Along with remedial work to the footpath that hopefully creates a slightly sloped surface to drain water away.

Although drainage issues continue to be a problem on the field between Picktree Lodge and Caxton Way, residents will at least have a clear footpath to walk into Chester-le-Street and access bus services on North Road.

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