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We Demand an Express Bus

by Craig Martin on 16 August, 2020

Residents will have to wait longer for buses with our service to Durham cut in half

The recent change in bus timetables has seen a 50% reduction in 21 services going to Durham. This has been replaced by additional X21 services which do not stop North of Front Street in Chester-le-Street. Cllr Craig Martin is calling for the X21 to stop at one location in North Lodge to make up for the reduced service.

“It is only fair if services are going to be replaced with express buses that they should stop in at least one of our bus stops. I understand they want to have faster bus services but I cannot accept such a dramatic reduction in service for the community I represent,” said Lib Dem Cllr Craig Martin.

“This is more than just stopping residents from getting to Durham, they’re going to be cut off from South of the town centre. The bus service is meant to be a public service for everyone.”

Cllr Craig Martin has met with Council Officers to discuss the situation, but they had no objections to these changes. Go North East, however, have rejected the idea of an express service stopping in North Lodge.

They say that such a change would cause far too much disruption to the timetables. Residents have also complained that with the revised timetable the last bus to our area from Front Street is earlier, meaning that an evening trip to the town centre will end earlier. Overall this timetable change has let down the northern part of Chester-le-Street.

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