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Proposal for New Leisure Centre

by Craig Martin on 21 August, 2020

Durham County Council is conducting a full review of all leisure services it offers. The report strongly recommends that Chester-le-Street Leisure Centre should be rebuilt.

“I welcome that the Council are willing to use some of their vast funds on updating our old leisure centre. But we will all have to be careful of details of any future plan; little information on this project has been released,” said Cllr Craig Martin.

“Although we might get a new building, we may lose much loved services in the process. The devil will be in the detail to ensure we don’t get a knock off leisure centre for our town.”

The review has been conducted under the recognition that Durham County Council’s leisure service offer is outdated and offers poor value for money compared to other local authorities.

Further feasibility work will be conducted by Durham County Council to decide what the the new leisure centre should provide along with investigating what new location it will be sited on.

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