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Additional £10,000 for County Councillors

by Craig Martin on 28 June, 2021

Every County Councillor are being given an additional one off £10,000 to spend on their community. For this year I have total available spend of £29,400. I welcome suggestions on how I can best use this funding to improve the lives of those living in the electoral area I represent. Only have 2 years to […]

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AAP Funding Control Removed by Council

by Craig Martin on 24 August, 2020

Since moving out of lock down, Action Area Partnerships have had the way they allocate funding reviewed. The community set funding priorities have been removed so that the only thing they can focus on is Covid recovery related projects. I’ve been raising concerns that the communities AAP’s represent now have next to no say on […]

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Unauthorised Encampments Seven Acres Field

by Craig Martin on 11 July, 2020

An ongoing problem of members of the Gypsy, Traveller, and Roma community staying overnight on the field opposite the BP garage occurred again during the lockdown. Many members of the community enjoy walking their dogs and using the field for exercise but this is spoiled by the rubbish and broken glass left behind. Despite previous […]

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Council Finances during Covid Crisis

by Craig Martin on 10 June, 2020

Durham County Council has worked to maintain its statutory functions during this pandemic, but there is an added financial cost to all of this. There have been approximately £25 million increase in expenses, for example in having to buy excess personal protection equipment, additional costs in maintaining refuse collections while being socially distant (needing more […]

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Cutting financial support

by Craig Martin on 15 May, 2020

Labour have cut a key welfare benefit from £1,000 to £500, on the basis that too much of the funding is being used. We’ve called for this decision to be reversed and the additional funding to be found. Especially considering the current crisis we’re currently in concerning Covid. It is shameful that a benefit the […]

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Garden Waste Collections During Lockdown

by Craig Martin on 13 April, 2020

Due to the difficulties during the lockdown, the Council have suspended garden waste collections. Staff sickness and their need to self-isolate has meant that general waste and recycling collections are being prioritised. The missed collections are to be added on at the end of the year. Following requests from residents, I’ve requested that the additional […]

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by Craig Martin on 23 March, 2020

Since the beginning of austerity this is the first budget where we’ve had an increase in Government funding. A series of one off spending commitments meant the Council had around an additional £17 million to use. Particularly aimed at dealing with the funding issues around care of the elderly, higher needs funding, and looked after […]

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Reduced Bus Service to Durham

by Craig Martin on 16 February, 2020

A revision of the bus timetables has resulted in the 21 service running between Durham and Newcastle to be reduced in half during the day on weekdays. While the X21 is to be increased in return, a service that does not operate from any bus stop within the North Lodge area. I cannot support such […]

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New Council Vision

by Craig Martin on 17 November, 2019

During the last meeting of County Council we voted on a new vision for Durham County Council for the next 15 years. It has 3 key aims: More and Better Jobs, People Live Long and Independent Lives, and Connected Communities. I’ve been campaigning to ensure that this vision is lot fairer than our previous one. […]

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Apprenticeship Retention

by Craig Martin on 12 November, 2019

Durham County Council has been celebrating its continued success in providing training experiences within the organisation. There are now 327 apprentices working for the Council, increase from last years figure of 121. I questioned what the Council is doing to ensure that they have a job to go to following their training. As too often […]

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